As lawyer / attorney at law Mr. Droxler advise and accompany you in the following areas, also before a court in civil proceedings:

Corporate law
Limited Liability Company (LLC), Company Limited by Shares (Ltd),

Inheritance law
Inheritance planning (testamentary dispositions), Executor, action in abatement, estate administration, disclaimer, action for recovery of inheritance, division of the estate, hotchpot, contract of division etc.

Employment law
Drafting of contracts, notice of termination and their rescission, salary claims, duty of care and loyalty, compensation for overtime, employee’s liability, commission and statement, days off work, holidays, reference, end of the employment relationship and notice periods, wrongful termination and termination at an inopportune juncture, termination with immediate effect for good cause or without just cause, severance allowance, prohibition of competition,

Tenancy law
Residential and commercial premises, extension of tenancy or expulsion in the event of termination, remedy of defects, rent and accessory charges, rent design and review as well as any reduction, unfair rent, challenge to rent and request for rent reduction, challenging rent increases and other unilateral amendments by the landlord, compensation for damages, tenant in arrears, sub-letting, notice of termination and termination dates, extraordinary notice for good cause, void notice, lease.

Other contracts
Assistance in the drafting of various contracts and in the enforcement of contractual obligations, in particular with the purchase contract (notice of defects, warranty obligation, reduction or reversal), exchange and donation contract, loan, contract for work and services (e.g. for house construction with general contractor) and agency contract.

Liability law
Assessment of claims for damages and their enforcement - both non-contractual and contractual - in particular with regard to traffic accidents, accidents at work, ski or sports accidents as well as liability of the doctors, the plant owner, the land owner, the motor vehicle owner, the animal owner, the principal and the head of the family.

Marriage and other family law
From the engagement to the marriage to the separation and divorce, drafting and examination of the cohabitation contract, marriage contract and divorce convention, advice on the choice of marital property as well as modification, maintenance calculations, legal assistance in matters of child relationship etc.

Criminal Law
We defend the accused person charged with an offence, injured persons and victims in the areas of general criminal law according to penal code, juvenile criminal law and road traffic or narcotic law as duty defence lawyer (court-appointed defence) or defence lawyer.

Animal Law
Advice on all aspects of animal husbandry, in particular with regard to dogs, equestrian sports and riding stables as well as other farm animals and pets.

Debt collection

As Notary public Samuel Droxler draw up deeds and certify the following notarial issues in German, French and English:

Company formation
Comprehensive advice on the choice of the appropriate corporate form. Preparation of the necessary documents such as deeds of incorporation, articles of association, registration with the Commercial Register Office, etc. including notarial certification for the formation of a stock corporation (AG), a limited liability company (GmbH), establishment of a foundation or registration of a general partnership, a sole proprietorship as well as the formation of an association, etc.

Further company law acts
Preparation and certification of an amendment to the articles of association (e.g. change of company name, purpose or relocation of registered office), a conversion of a company (e.g. a LLC into a Ltd) or a merger, as well as resolutions on a capital increase, capital reduction and the dissolution (liquidation) of a company; drafting of contracts such as a shareholders' agreement, employment agreement, loan agreement, etc.

Marital agreement
Notarization of marriage contracts for the concrete form, amendment or abolition of the marital property regime, in particular the participation in acquired property, the separation of property and the community of property.

Testamentary Disposition
Will or contract of succession: scope of testamentary powers and statutory entitlement, pre- and post-heirs (remaindermen), dispositions in favour of the spouse, calculation of the disposable part, disinheritance, naming of heirs, legacy by testamentary disposition / last will or contract of succession (public deed incl. notarisation).

Own Arrangements for Care
For reason of precaution in the event that you're no longer capable of judgement:
Advance Care Directive for a) personal care or b) management of assets or c) to elect legal agent and
Patient Decree to specify which medical procedures you agree or not.

Authentication / Certification
Authentication of a signature or copy.